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Dr. Janis Vossiek


Research project "Moving Trades"


Dr. Janis Vossiek (*1981) joined the CCCP in March 2017 and will be working as a postdoctoral researcher with Christine Trampusch in the project "Moving Trades", which analyzes how flows of skilled migration affect the vocational trainign systems and politics in Germany and Switzerland. Previous to joining the CCCP, Dr. Vossiek studied political science and romance studies at the University of Bremen and the Universitat Autónoma in Barcelona. From January 2011 until February 2017 he was doctoral student and subsequently postdoctoral researcher working with Prof. Marius Busemeyer at the University of Konstanz. He obtained his PhD with a thesis entitled "Collective Skill Formation in Liberal Market Economies? The Politics of Training Reform in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia". In order to conduct archival work and expert interviews for his thesis, Dr. Vossiek was visiting graduate student at King's College, University of Cambridge from September to December 2012 and visited Australia for fieldwork from February to April 2013. Parallel to his dissertation, he worked together with Marius Busemeyer for an OECD-funded research project on local education governance in Germany. Besides conducting research on the intersection of welfare and education policies as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Konstanz, from May 2016 until February 2017 he worked as a scientific coordinator of a research cluster proposal under the latest framework of the German Excellence Initiative.

Main research interests

Comparative Political Economy; Education; Welfare State; Vocational Training; Labor Market Policies; Structural Change and Policy Reactions


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