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Paul Beckmann


E-Mail:               beckmann(at)

Office:                Room 1.02

                          Herbert-Lewin-Str. 2

                          50931 Köln

Telephone:         +49 (0) 221 470 5913

Telefax:              +49 (0) 221 470 8669

Postal Address:  University of Cologne

                           Cologne Center for Comparative Politics

                           P.O. Box 411020 


               50870 Cologne, Germany

Research interests

  • Political Economy
  • Housing and Housing Policy
  • Experimental Political Science


Sauermann, J.  & Beckmann, P. (2017). ‘Divide the dollar’ using voting by veto. Jahrbuch für Handlungs- und Entscheidungstheorie. Band 10, Eric Linhart, Marc Debus und Bernhard Kittel (Eds.). Wiesbaden: Springer VS.



Conference and Seminar Presentations

07/2017 (upcoming) International Conference of Europeanists (CES), Glasgow, UK
06/2017 (upcoming) Conference of the European Political Science Association, Milan, Italy
04/2017 Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, USA
05/2016 Housing Wealth and Welfare, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11/2015 & 06/2016 Joint Research Seminar of the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics, Cologne, Germany

Curriculum Vitae