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Contributions to Conference


GPJE Annual Meeting 2017

(June 22, 2017, Essen)

Round table: "Populismus als Herausforderung für die Demokratie"


APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition

(August 31 – September 3, 2017, San Francisco)

Lecture: "Addressing the Role of Welfare Institutions for the Relationship between Immigration, Welfare Spending and Welfare Chauvinism" (with Alexander Schmidt-Catran and Leonce Röth)


24th International Conference of Europeanists (CES): "Sustainability and Transformation"

(July 12-14, 2017, University of Glasgow)

Panel: "The Political Integration of Immigrants in Europe"

(Panelorganizer: PD Dr. Dennis C. Spies)

International immigration is changing European political economies in a number of ways and especially the question of how to successfully integrate immigrants into their new host societies is a topic attracting considerably attention. So far, integration research has focused on the economic integration of immigrants into domestic labor markets and the cultural integration of often ethnically diverse newcomers into their host societies. In contrast, the long-term consequences of immigrants taking up the role of political actors – be it as voters, interest groups or elected politicians – is a relatively new and little researched topic in the European context.

This paper-panel asks for the determinants for and consequences of a successful political integration of immigrants in their new home countries. Does the voting behavior of immigrants differ from natives and how can we explain it? How is the political integration of immigrants related to their economic and cultural integration? Which role do domestic political institutions play for the political integration of immigrants? Do politicians with a migrant background make a difference in terms of policies? These are the main questions this panel – as well as the political systems of the new host countries – will have to answer.

The panel is open to contributions from political science, sociology and history, taking up a national, European or an international-comparative perspective. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are welcomed but a strong focus will be on positivist rather than normative perspectives. 

Paper: "Talking about Migration Experience and Voting: How Germans of Turkish and Russian Descent Construct Their Personal Electoral Space in Groups of Peers" (with Achim Goerres and Sabrina Jasmin Mayer)


Annual meeting of the department "Politische Ökonomie" (DVPW): "Politische Ökonomie des Populismus in Europa - Herausforderungen für Demokratie und Wohlfahrtsstaaten"

(March 2017, Düsseldorf)

"Who votes for Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in Times of Economic Prosperity and large Refugee Inflow?" (with Achim Goerres and Staffan Kumlin)

"The Impact of Populist Radical Right Parties on Socio-Economic Policies" (with Leonce Röth)



BIGSSS International Conference 2015 "Poverty to Parties & Institutions to Inequality: The Link between Social Stratification and the Welfare State"

(September 2015, Bremen)

Panel: The Social Policy Consequences of Migration



Lecture series "Rechtspopulismus und Rechtsextremismus in Europa" at the University of Kassel

(December 3, 2014)

Lecture: Führt Migration zu weniger Sozialleistungen? Die Rolle von extrem rechten Parteien.


EPSAnet Conference

(September 2014, Oslo)

Panel: Migration and Social Policy: Reconciling Diversity and Inclusive Social Welfare (together with Alexander Schmidt-Catran)


CES International Conference of Europeanists

(March 2014, Washington D.C.)

Panel: How Migration changes Political Economies



Institute day of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies

(November 2013, Cologne)

"'All in' Die Öffentliche Hand beim Pokerspiel" (with Christine Trampusch)


ECPR General Conference

(September 2013, Bordeaux)

Panel: "Migration and the Welfare State" (with Henning Finseraas)


Welfare States Facing Global Turbulence, Ageing and Migration

(August, 2012, Oslo)

“Anti-immigrant Attitudes and Welfare Support in the European Context” (with Alexander Schmidt)

ECPR Graduate Conference 
(September, 2010, Dublin)
Explaining Working-Class Support for Extreme Right Parties: A Party Competition Approach

ECPR General Conference 
(September, 2009, Potsdam)
A Two-Dimensional Approach on the Political Opportunity Structure of Extreme Right Parties in Western Europe” (with Simon Franzmann)